8 Best Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas in 2021: Forget The Usual

Is it time to give a makeover to your bathroom? Great, you are in the right place then. Decorating the bathroom can be challenging since it involves heavy installment. But, we suggest you begin with much easier stuff first - your bathroom walls. There are tons of bathroom wall decor ideas out there. You can use tiles, wallpapers, or even DIYs. Having so many options gives you confusion, right?

How about a contemporary decoration? In 2021, you can apply modern and minimalistic style choices that will help your budget and save you some time. We, as Trigou, searched for the 8 best bathroom wall decor ideas for you. We promise you're going to love it! But first, you need to know the essentials of bathroom decor.

How to Decorate Bathroom Walls

In 2021, forget what you know about decoration. Don't be afraid of trying new things when it comes to decoration. Experimenting with new materials is the fashion. You can hang vintage frames, or you can second-hand wallpaper. Grand-millennial is the hype in 2021. Try to mix old style with modern touches.

Darker colors on your wall to make your bathroom cozier. Hanging plants is also a popular option in 2021. Make your bathroom more lively and give a drama with a bigger luminaire. You can look at the top influencers' bathroom ideas to know more about bathroom wall decor ideas in 2021. Here are the top 8 bathroom wall decor ideas for you to have a refresh!

Marble Walls

Marble is a common material in the bathroom sink, but you can have a marble wall. With marble, you will turn your bathroom into a hammam (Turkish bathhouse). Marble is also good at keeping the heat and provides evaporation longer. With marble, you will feel like the Ottoman sultans. Having a whole marble theme bathroom will save you from decorating your walls with accessories as well. Famous influencers now prefer to use marble in their bathroom, and it is something that you should on your bathroom wall decor ideas.

Marble Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Darker Tones

Darker tones are an inevitable alternative for home-loving people. Dark green, blue, and brown will give a cozy vibe to your bathroom. Using earthy colors on your wall will create a calmer atmosphere as well. Dark-colored wallpapers with vintage time are also one of the most popular bathroom ideas in 2021. Dark accents create a moody style but don't forget to use mirrors on your wall. Mirrors with golden frames will fit your darker bathroom wall decor ideas perfectly.


Metal Treatment

Using metal is another option for darker bathroom wall decor ideas. Bathroom metal wall art becomes integrated with darker accents in a much better way. You can hang one piece and give a modern look to your bathroom. Dolphin Metal Wall Art Decor from Trigou is the piece that will complete dark style in your bathroom. Bear Fish Metal Art Wall Decor is another option, and it will create a bold theme in your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Granite Walls

Using granite on your walls will help you to get rid of water damage. Not only is it good quality material, but it is also aesthetic. Granite also means functionality, and it doesn't hold stain as well. Granite tiles are also durable and natural. High maintenance is a significant factor in the bathroom because it is recyclable and budget-friendly. A suggestion - White ice and green mixture granite tiles are the most preferred bathroom wall decor ideas.


Ceramic Walls

Hexagon ceramic tiles are the new trend in bathroom design. The geometric shapes with a classic ceramic will create a contrast with a modern look. You can use countless design options with ceramic, and it is also another affordable bathroom wall material. If you are a strong supporter of bohemian style, you should use ceramic in your bathroom, especially pink tiles. Cold blue ceramic is the second most preferred color in bathroom wall decor ideas.



Porcelain Walls

If you want to have a luxurious bathroom, you should prefer porcelain on the walls. It is water-resistant, easy to fix, and dense. Porcelain can be considered ceramic, but it has its class. Also, color options in porcelain tiles are endless. You can have luxurious, zen, bohemian, metal, or any design that you wanna have. Hence, you should include your bathroom wall decor ideas.


Glass Tiles

Don't you want to have a turquoise-colored glass bathroom wall? It is unique and has its statement. It doesn't hold dirt or mold. Just spray Mr. Muscle and let the glass clean itself. With glass, you will spoil yourself and have a bathroom for Instagram. Because of the transparency, you will get much more light in the bathroom. Lightening will create a more spacious setting in your bathroom as well. If you want to have a spa-like feel, you should also be considering glass bathroom walls. You will feel like you are in a hotel. Hence, glass tiles are hip and one of the top bathroom wall decor ideas in 2021.


Vinyl Bathroom Walls

Vinyl is "the thing" in bathroom decor in 2021. We can hear you say vinyl bathroom, but how?. Vinyl wallpapers are easy to apply on both floors and walls. You can cover the entire bathroom with vinyl except for the shower part. Though it is stylish, it might easily tear apart in the shower section. Try to cover one side of the bathroom. You can have vinyl-like bathroom tiles also. The technology in design developed so much that you can have anything on your bathroom walls.

Editor's choice:

Though all the options look so tempting, it would be nice to apply simple, mold, and dirt-free, water-resistant bathroom wall decor ideas. Your bathroom is one of the places that you spend so much time in your house. Be extra, and try to use dramatic colorings.

Our favorite is to apply dark-colored tiles like dark green or even black bathroom wall decor ideas. To match the design, you can use metal wall art decor and make your statement in your bathroom. Don't be afraid of trying new things cuz 2021 is all about being bold and extraordinary.

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