Canvas Print vs Metal Print: How to Choose?

Decoration is a need for every home. We all make various arrangements and buy new goods in order to beautify our living spaces and make them livable. While this item can sometimes be a stylish stand object, it can sometimes be a painting that highlighting our walls and changes the atmosphere of the environment.

The options are almost endless, and making decisions is sometimes challenging. When we have trouble making decisions, we find ourselves browsing decoration magazines or browsing various blogs. You might even consider going further and getting support from an interior designer. We are here with a useful article for those who do not reach that level yet still want to make their room and home beautiful with small pieces.

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In this article, we will talk about two different types of prints, which are usable on the walls of our homes or workspaces: canvas print vs metal print. We will take a look at the advantages and using types of both print types. After we will make a comparison between them. In this way, you will be able to easily decide how to choose. Let's start with canvas print first.

Canvas Print

canvas print

Canvas prints are frequently used to give character to the walls of homes, offices, and stores. A canvas print takes its final form by embroidering the picture on a canvas made of natural cotton yarn using various painting, stretching, and printing methods. With the decrease in printing costs compared to the past and the availability of new printing types, customized canvas paintings have also become popular.

Paintings made by the canvas printing method have been preferred for a long time due to their unique smooth texture, naturalness, and suitability for printing at any resolution. Thanks to the texture of the canvas made of natural cotton yarn, it is protecting the pressure on it without fading or deteriorating.

canvas print gustav klimt

Canvas printings, which give their owners the opportunity to customize with various frames, can easily adapt to any area and wall. Today, with printing technology is very advanced, the artworks made by world-famous artists can also be processed on canvas paintings exactly. This allows art lovers to have and display copies of the works of the artists they love at an affordable price.

Metal Print

Do you want to get away from the classic decoration styles? How about using metal decors to achieve a unique interior decoration? As for metal prints, it is ready to be exhibited by shaping the pure aluminum parts of various machines with 3D cutting methods and then painting them with special methods.

metal print detail

Metal print, which consists of high-quality aluminum plates, maintains its quality for many years without rusting and distortion thanks to its metal texture. With its unique structure, it adds an extraordinary atmosphere to the room where it is located.

metal print interior

Speaking of metal works, metal wall decoration is hot and trending today, therefore metal options are not limited to solely image prints today. Why not add another dimension to the conventional methods? Today you can have an admirable wall arts carved out of metal, available in many shapes and themes. Metal wall art and decor, which come in modernist shapes or animal-shaped designs, allow you to benefit from their functionality as well as their visuality. For instance, metal wall clocks is one example for combining decoration with functionality. As you can see, with the increasing popularity metal prints have already become more preferred in decorations.

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Canvas Print vs Metal Print: Which One is Best for You?

You have decided to decorate your wall with a painting. In the previous part of the article, you learned about canvas print vs metal print, what they are and in which areas they are used. So what will be your choice between them? In this part of the article, we will cover the subject with a comparative perspective so that you can find the type of print that suits you best.

When you read the entire article, you will have made your decision! Below we listed 6 highlights to compare canvas print vs metal print, so you can make an easier decision:

  1. Canvas prints are suitable for all kinds of rooms. While making narrow rooms appear wider than they are, it enhances the appearance of large rooms. On the other hand, metal prints are not often preferred in narrow rooms because they have a feature to reduce the area. Metal prints, which show themselves especially in high ceilings and large rooms, also look very stylish when supported by lightning.
  1. Another main difference between canvas print vs metal print is their shape. Canvas prints are usually in the shapes we are used to seeing, namely square or on the other hand, you can see different shapes other than traditional molds in metal prints.

    canvas print vs metal print shape
  1. While in canvas prints it is a visual applied on the thing that constitutes the painting, it is the metal work itself in metal prints. Metal print, which can take the shape of the desired design, thanks to this feature stands out. While metal prints can be in the form of animal species such as lions, owls, dolphins, and panda, it can also be in the form of musical instruments. The options are almost limitless. To have a better idea, check out our Animal Metal Wall Art page to see the great variety.

    metal wall art lion
  1. Canvas prints are suitable for framing, while metal prints are not compatible with frame types due to their special shapes.

  2. Thanks to its unique textures, canvas prints are also suitable for outdoor prints such as advertising, posters, apart from the painting used indoors. Metal prints are mostly used indoors.
  1. In the comparison of canvas print and metal print, the feature that metal print stands out is functionality. Thanks to its special shapes and structures suitable for attachment, it can also serve as a hanger where you can hang various items such as keys. Metal prints are more than just wall objects.

    metal wall art keyhanger

Final Say on Canvas Print vs Metal Print

If we look at the similar sides between canvas print vs metal print; both can be a unique gift choice. Thanks to its affordable costs and customizable features, you can make your loved ones happy with a gift that does not strain your budget and also has a moral value. Wall decors in both are suitable for easy hanging. All you need is a nail on the wall. Whichever you choose, canvas print vs metal print, your room will have an exciting beauty. Check out various designs by Trigou for more metal wall decor ideas.


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