Elements To Match Your Interior Design Metal Finishes

We have been spending a lot of time at home lately. As a result, the importance we attach to the decoration of our homes has also increased significantly. Maybe we decided to implement the decoration ideas that we postponed until now. People have decided to get out of their comfort zone, be courageous and creative in their decoration choices. Metal, as a decoration element, has come to be a top choice for people that are looking for a more artsy and modern look at the same time. Let's have a look at the metal usage in the context of interior design, namely interior design metal finishes, and finally various matching metal elements.

Interior design metal finishes and their types

What are metal finishes you may ask? First, let's see what they can technically offer than we will look at the subject of interior design metal finishes. Metal finishes are the final steps of the production process. They are used to give aesthetics and environmental protection to your house.

interior design metal finishes skirt

Metal finishing entails applying a thin layer of enhancing material to the exterior of a metal product or component. Metal finishes can be used to improve metal surfaces in a number of ways, including:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Improved durability
  • Electrical resistance
  • Decorative appeal

There are many different types of metal finishes that will have a variety of effects on surfaces. Apart from their functional benefits, metal finishes are a good way to improve your interior design.

How are interior design metal finishes used?

Metal has been conventionally used before mainly for building exteriors and roof coverings. Today's new technologies and applications have made metal an easy-to-use material for interior design. Thanks to the same technological developments, structural metal parts began to offer practical solutions for interior designers.

interior design metal finishes frame

Interior design metal finishes can appear in many ways when it comes to interior design. These may include; metal status and railing, metal wall panels, or metal table frames. Metal structures of furniture and metal coating for walls are also aspects where we can encounter interior design metal finishes. Once you have done with the fixed part of your interior design process you can move onto the movable parts of it. In other words; furniture and accessories.

Metal furniture to add to the existing layout

You can opt for small metal furniture to add to the existing layout to create a contrast. Contrasting pieces always make a difference in interior design. Whether you have a modern or traditional, minimalist or eclectic decor, the small metal furniture you add to the existing layout has the effect of giving your rooms a personal and stylish look.

furniture with metal finishes

For example; choosing a gold or silver chandelier adds charm to the kitchen. Or metal bed headboards with extremely modern designs will help you make a difference in bedrooms. For this, we recommend that you choose a metal element that will provide the most distinctive finish, and then choose one or two more metal accents to complete the look.

Various accessories to match these metal finishes

Harmony is very important for most of us in decoration preferences. You may want to preserve the decoration integrity of the space where you add interior design metal finishes In this case, metal accessories will be your most important assistant. For example, some shiny metal pieces that can brighten a room include cutlery, side tables, handles, bowls, wall art, centerpieces, statues, and so on.

Decorative metal wall art and clock products

Decorative metal wall art and metal wall clock accessories that are compatible with interior design metal finishes will look very interesting in homes with metallic accents. Today, you can have decorative metal wall art in a variety of forms and designs, like metal wall art and metal wall clock products of Trigou.

metal accessories wall art

If you are interested in the buzzing trends in interior design, Trigou's products offer you a chance to achieve a more industrial look too. The combination of black and metal is one of the best options to obtain that modern look. Trigou's black metal wall art and clocks will give your home a more contemporary vibe.

metal accessories wall clock

These metal wall art products are the perfect way to complete the desired modern design of your home.

Metallic embroidery textile products

When we think of metallic design, the first thing that comes to our minds is stiff, rigid elements. Actually, metallic design is more than that. Nowadays, there are many other places where interior design metal finishes can be used rather than just furniture or solid accessories. For example; metallic embroidered pillowcases, tablecloths, or loose covers can be key products that will complete the look of your house.

metallic textile

With interior design metal finishes and elements that match these finishes, you can make your place stand out. Whether you like traditional or modern design, different usages of metallic elements will help you create a sense of depth in your home. Don't hesitate to combine different decor elements and interior design metal finishes, the unique look you will finally create can surprise you!


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