How to Decorate a Large Blank Wall?

When designing an interior decoration, the structure of the room to be decorated (the size of the room, the width of the walls, the material of the floors, etc.) must be taken into consideration in its entirety. While making selections, the features of the room should be thought of, and decisions should be made according to these. Ignoring the specific features of the room can lead to a dysfunctional decoration. It should be decided at first which aspects of the room want to be highlighted and be sure that the design and accessories are suitable for the intended use of the room. In this way, you can make your rooms special for you.

personalize wall

One of the most practical ways to create this special effect can be to customize your walls. Because it is very easy to make changes on your walls, unlike parts such as doors and windows that are very difficult to change. In addition to being practical, the walls, which give you complete freedom thanks to their large blank, are like large blank paintings waiting to be colored. When you decide to fill this blank painting, you may think of the following question: "How to decorate a large blank wall?"

Various Ideas for How to Decorate a Large Blank Wall

There are many answers to this question. You can either create a more fun decoration with colorful accessories or create a more sophisticated atmosphere with stylish wall accessories. You can have a decoration that reflects your personality with the unique look you will create on your walls. 

There are several ways to get this look. You are on the right article to find out how to decorate a large blank wall. This article, in which we will list a few suggestions that will allow you to have a decoration that is almost re-created with walls that have a unique appearance, will be the answer to how to decorate a large blank wall. At the same time, this article, which will be useful in guiding the decoration of your room, will allow you to have a wall design that will increase your mood as you look! Let's take a look at the decoration suggestions in order. 

Combining Metal with Art

Metal wall art products, a creative option for those who are looking for the best ways to fill the large blank walls in their homes and offices, will allow you to create an image on your walls that will impress you in every look. Metal wall art products, which are modern-looking wall accessories, are produced by cutting real metal according to special shapes. They are ready to decorate your walls with many different product models with unique details, no different from a work of art.

bird metal wall art


horse metal wall art

It is also very easy to hang metal wall art products that are sized to fit every wall. Among these models, there are models such as metal bird wall art, metal horse wall art, and deer wall art, etc. which will be exhibited with pleasure especially by animal lovers. In addition to these, there are also artist metal art products featuring world-famous figures such as Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.

metal wall clock

On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that is functional as well as looks stylish you can choose metal wall clock products designed as a clock. Metal wall art products, which are the star pieces for wall decoration, stand out as one of the most innovative options among the suggestions of how to decorate a large blank wall. 

The Mystery of Mirrors

The mirrors that we used to look at only our physical appearance in the past, have now become a wanted part of decorations. Mirror models, whose variety is increasing day by day, are the biggest proof of this. One-piece large mirror models with their imposing looks may be enough on their own to decorate your large blank wall.

mirror wall decor

On the other hand, also it may be a great idea to position small-sized mirrors close to each other and hang them on the wall. This allows you to get a holistic mirror design when looked at from a distance. In addition to being stylish wall accessories that decorate large blank walls, mirrors that make the environment look bigger than they are, are on our list as one of the most functional suggestions of how to decorate a large blank wall. 

Journey to Memories with Frames

Frames with the unforgettable memories which we place in them are supportive pieces that almost every one of us uses in interior decoration. You can position the frames with details suitable for your style in different parts of your rooms or you can create a decorative corner by positioning many frames in the same area. The large blank walls in your homes are the most ideal place to implement this idea.

frames as wall decor

You can create an unforgettable effect on your large blank walls by hanging your personal photos, which you have placed in stylish frames of similar sizes and models on your walls. Hanging the frames close to each other is necessary to achieve this special effect. Using various frames with photographs on your wall design is one of both meaningful and stylish suggestion options in how to decorate a large blank wall. 

Reflection of Creativity

Wall Drawings - As we said at the beginning of our article, walls are like empty paintings waiting to be colored. If these walls are large enough, you have the freedom to draw on them. Let your creative character reflect over your walls. Drawing directly on the wall will create a beautiful and real image that a painting cannot give.

wall drawing

Also, you don't have to be the person making the drawing. There are many artists who can paint great pictures on the walls. All you have to do is to explain exactly the image you want to the artist. Whatever results it may turn out, you will have a completely unique wall drawing that will most likely satisfy you. Unlike our other suggestions, the wall drawing that is not sold ready-made, that comes to life on your blank walls. Wall drawings are one of the most unique and personalized ways of how to decorate a blank wall. 

We hope that this article, in which we have listed a few suggestions for how to decorate a large blank wall will inspire you about your decoration.


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