How to Design Focal Points in Your Living Room?

Most of us dream of having a beautiful house. Everyone loves having a unique and glamorous home. There is no better feeling than someone coming to your house and you see the admiration in their eyes. But how can you catch everyone's attention? With focal points, you can achieve these dreams and end up with a lovely living room. Let’s now have a look at what focal points are and how to design focal points in your living room?

What is a focal point?

A focal point in design is often the place to which your eye is pulled first. This is due to the fact that the focal point being more striking than other areas of the house. If the room is appropriately designed, the focal point can be emphasized and drawn out, making the space more inviting, gorgeous, and eye-catching.

In other words, a focal point is the first thing guests should observe when they enter a room. There is a number of ways to create a focal point. After choosing a focal point here are three ways to answers the question of how to design focal points in your living room?

Focal point window

Polishing the natural features of your place

This is probably the easiest answer to how to design focal points in your living room? Some houses may have natural architectural features that are already focal points on their own. You may have a living room with a fireplace. Maybe you have a living room with large windows and a breathtaking view. Well, if you have one of these you are very lucky. This is your house's focal point. What you can do is just spicy it up a little bit.

You can add a huge sofa to emphasize the fireplace or the windows with the view. For example; place couches, chairs, and end tables around the room if the focal point is a fireplace so that people may easily gather around it. This way your natural focal point will improve with some small touches.

Focal point fireplace

Turning huge empty walls into exhibition areas

Have you ever thought that a big boring wall in the living room could actually be the thing that will draw everyone's attention? Do not be surprised to hear that wall can also be the answer to how to design focal points. Well, there are multiple ways to design an empty wall as a focal point.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to design a focal point as a wall is to use colors. With contrasting colors or bold wallpapers, you can allow your furnishings, artwork, and decorations to stand out even more.

Focal point wall

Another way to design a focal point on a wall is to use the artwork. You can use a beautiful piece of art, or one that is meaningful to you, as the focal point of your room. Along with artworks, you can also use metal wall art or metal wall clocks. Choosing from Trigou's black metal wall art, metal wall clock, and sculpture sections you can create a modern look and an eye-catching focal point.

Other practical ideas for how to design focal points?

If you live in an apartment and you do not have a great view or an empty wall does it mean that you cannot have a focal point? The answer is no! You are not limited to these architectural features to design a focal point. So, how to design focal points without significant features? A focal point can be designed with just some small touches as well. For example; lighting, a sofa, shelves, or even a coffee table can be useful.

Displaying shelves, like artwork, can be used to draw attention to a specific focal point. Artwork, family photos, decorations, lighting, and plants might all be displayed on these shelves.

Believe me when I say the appropriate lighting can have a great impact on a focal point in a living room. Lighting can be used to accentuate or brighten a focal point. They truly draw attention to a place and can quickly improve its aesthetic and welcoming mood. The correct lighting system is critical to how the residents and guests view the room.

Focal point light


Room styling and design can be difficult, but selecting or creating a focal point and then designing around it can help. If your living room has unique architectural features, deciding on a focal point will be a breeze. Unfortunately, not all houses have these features. You do not have to worry if your living room lacks a fireplace, large window, or any other distinguishing feature. A focal point can be designed with other accents as well.

Finally, using a focal point to catch the eye and create a sense of organization in a room is a good idea. Remember, it does not have to be a set of hard and fast rules, and it is certainly not a precise science.

Hope this article about how to design focal points in your living room can give you tips about easily creating and designing a focal point. You are welcomed to read our previous article on