Industrial Style Interiors: What Are The Main Elements?

The most effective way to reveal the true potential of an interior is to create a decoration unique to that space. Interior decoration is the most basic thing that gives identity to a place. This identity; with its originality, reflects the character of your interior (home, room, office, etc.), thus your character.

interior character

While creating this decoration, attention should be paid to the features of the space. Because not every decoration style is suitable for every place. In addition to the features of the place, the other important point is that it is suitable for the owner's personality. Otherwise, no matter how stylish the decoration is, the owner will be bored after a while. For long-term use, every detail about decoration should be carefully considered.

Choosing your Unique Interior

There are many decoration styles you can apply to have the interior design of your dreams. Each of these decorations stands out with its own unique features. Retro style interiors design for those who love vivid colors and striking details, baroque style interiors design for those who want to complement their confident character with flamboyant interior decoration, minimal style interiors design for those who dream of comfortable and more functional space, or industrial style interiors design for those who want to create a modern environment surrounded by natural materials can be a good choice. In this article, our focus will be on industrial style interiors.

industrial style characteristics

There are some elements that make up the industrial style interiors like every other decoration style. When these elements come together, they make up the industrial style interiors. So, what are these main elements? In this article, we will explain some of them. It will be very useful for those who want to apply industrial style interiors in their spaces. Let's start with the first one. 

General Structure of the Interior Space

  • Interiors with lower ceilings than normal are not suitable for industrial design. The higher the ceiling, the more stylish industrial style interiors look. 
  • In industrial design, it is important that the environment is natural light. Because of that, wide and large windows are a must-have detail in industrial design. 
  • Usually in industrial style interiors, walls are not painted. It is left in its natural metal or brick form. If it is wanted to be coated, natural materials can be preferred. 
  • The mezzanine is the best indoor choice for implementing industrial design. 
  • Parquets in gray or brown tones are generally used for the floors of industrial design interiors. The more open and wider the space better for industrial design. It is not a good idea to shrink the environment by dividing it with walls. 


industrial style furniture

  • Industrial style interior designs do not include too much furniture, so there is plenty of empty space. This gives the environment a spacious look. 
  • The furniture used in industrial-style interior designs is distinguished by its originality. Generally, modern pieces made of glass, metal, plastic are preferred. 
  • Old furniture or artificially aged furniture is also suitable for industrial designs. The important thing is that the furniture gives a sense of comfort and is simple. 
  • Very large furniture is not suitable for industrial-style interiors. The principle of minimalism is taken as an example in all furniture used. 
  • Leather-covered seats are often preferred because they are one of the pieces that best reflect the character of industrial design. 


metal wall art

  • Various accessories can be used in industrial designs. Wall accessories are generally preferred because the walls are wide and empty. Accessories made of metal are at the forefront because it reflects the spirit of the industrial environment. Metal wall art products with a modern look are the most stylish option for industrial-style interiors.
  • Another important thing in industrial design is functionality. Therefore, wall clocks are frequently used in the selection of accessories. Metal wall clocks made of real metal are ideal for industrial designs with their unique appearance.

    metal wall clock

  • Another way to fill walls in industrial designs may be to hang paintings on the walls.
  • Small carpets or rugs can be used to add color to the interior on industrial interior designs that have a cold theme in general. These will give the interior a comfortable appearance.
  • Curtains are not usually placed on the windows in industrial designs. When necessary, roller blinds with a simple design can be used on the windows. 
  • In interiors where natural light is insufficient, modern style lamps, chandeliers, and wall lamps can be used in models that fit industrial style interiors. In this way, the interior can be made brighter. 

These were some of the main elements of industrial-style interiors. Even if you do not like this decoration style, you will be able to distinguish it easily from the other decoration styles when you see the industrial design after now. We hope this article, which can be very useful for those who want to create an industrial-style in their interior, will be like a guide for you.


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