Looking for Great Living Room Wall Decor Ideas?

The living room is the first place that our guests look at in a house. It is an initial clue of how the house is all about. Naturally, one should set theme living room theme straight. Sometimes, we see a good house design with the plain dulls. When it happens like that, the whole room loses its ambiance. It is like having a nice car without gasoline. So, it is crucial to choose appropriate wallpapers, materials, and frames for the living room

You can have hundreds of living room decor ideas on your mind. But, you need to know the specifics of living room design. Whether how large or narrow a wall can be, it doesn't matter. The important thing is to blend all the materials naturally. And, we are here to teach you that. Would you like to learn more? Then, let's jump into how to decorate living room walls and best living room wall decor ideas.

How to Decorate Living Room Walls

Size is a factor in wall design. If your living room walls are not large enough, don't hang one big piece. Try to use smaller frames or split canvas. Using a big frame will not only cover the wall but will also block the coloring. You can use an art gallery or hang small objects on the walls. You can also hang some plants and add greenery. It is a nice option for the living room wall decor ideas. Details in a living room show the taste of the homeowner. You should spend more time finding the right living room wall decor ideas.Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

How to Decorate A Large Wall in A Living Room

Decorating a large wall might sound intimidating. But there is a number of large wall decor ideas for a living room. You can improvise and add bookshelves, boho art decors, botanical plants, and so much more. You can use tall art pieces as well. Having a large wall is easier than designing a smaller one. Hang one huge metal wall art can be a good example of that. Metal Wall Art Decor will make the wall look like an art gallery. Marilyn's Beauty Wall Art & Decor or New Art Wall Decor from Trigou's collection can be a choice for your living room wall decor ideas.

Designing The Living Room Walls

Nostalgic Plates as Wall Decor

If you are dreaming of a Victorian-style house, you should definitely prefer nostalgic accessories on the walls. If you have old ceramic plates from your grandma and you don't wanna throw them, hang the ceramic plates on a warmer background. Use spring colors for the decoration: Lemon, pistachio, mint, white, salmon, lavender, violet, tiffany blue, raspberry, hot pink, orange, turquoise, and more. These colors will pop out the plates and get people's attention immediately. Nostalgic plates as decoration are popular as living room wall decor ideas on blogs.

Wall Rugs as Texture

Wall rugs can be a part boho style, not anymore. Lockdown showed us that anything might happen. You can turn your old blankets into a wall rug with small improvements. Or, you can make your old fabric roller blinds as tapestry. Knitted wall rugs, especially colored ones can be a great wall rug option as well. If you have a large wall, then you should hang a wall rug. You can change it any time you want. Lately, there is a trend called "wallpaper-rugs" which is wallpaper with a rug design. You can also use those wallpapers as a part of your living room wall decor ideas.

Vintage Baskets as Wall Decor

Just like plates, vintage baskets are also another element of a great design. This design suits well in the summer or the country houses. It is easy to hang as well. Just nail the basket but don't put so much space between them. Another object that suits well with vintage baskets is the floor mirrors. The floor mirrors will complete the country house style perfectly. It is also an affordable accessory as living room wall decor ideas.

Oversized Art Pieces

Another great option is to use oversized art pieces on the wall. You can use family photos or an art piece from your favorite artist. Sometimes a large frame can be a perfect touch for a great design. You can check out second-hand art galleries because it is possible to find unique pieces with a good bargain. If you need more inspiration, Trigou's Cubic Metal Wall Art Decor is just for you. Make a statement with your taste with a classic piece. Make use of different living room wall decor ideas.

Styling Living Room Walls

Name Wall Art Decor

Though it is a common style choice in kids' bedrooms, the wall art decor as a name is a popular style alternative. Some people want to mark the idea that they are the house owner. That is why using the name of the house owner in the living room is a great opportunity. You can use colorful, golden, or rustic materials as the living room wall art decor.

Name Living Room Wall Art

Plants as Wall Decor

Plants for the living room wall decor ideas can be a nice decoration. Just insert a long wooden shelf onto the wall and use colorful vases. Or, you can use big and large metal hangers on the wall, so you can have to nature at home. Use the ivies. They grow faster and cover the entire wall. For the ivies, you can use dark red, brown, and more earthy colors. If you think that the ivies are too much, you can use small plants as well. Aloe vera plants from IKEA will be an option as small plants.

Editor's choice:

Your living room is the biggest part of the house so, try to exploit every corner of it. Try to mix everything, especially if you have large living room walls. Blend different styles. Be maximalist. You can hang plants on one wall, or you can prefer oversized wall art. You can even create your gallery art. Having one theme living room is old fashion now. The bolder you are the better style you have. Start looking for maximalist living room wall decor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, it will give you many different ideas for inspirational living room wall decor ideas.

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