Metallic Decor Ideas: How to Blend Metal in Your Home Decor?

Home design can get very tricky, especially for those who move out into a new place. Whether your house is old or new, it doesn’t matter because you want it to look as stylish and modern as possible. Well, don’t worry! Because we are here today to help you with how to design your house in both luxurious and cool ways without spending too much money.

Harmonizing your house with realistic materials will not only make your house look great but also will turn your home into a much more functional household.

New Metal Decor Ideas

Metallic Decor Ideas for Aesthetics and Functionality - How?

Metal is also more eco-friendly and sustainable. By using metal furniture, you will use recyclable objects and help the environment. So, if you already agreed on how great to use metal as part of the decoration of the house, let’s jump into how you can style your own house with metallic decor ideas. You will soon realize how this will affect your life for good!

Let's Start with "Where":

Where Should I Implement My Metallic Decor Ideas in My House?

Normally, it is usual to see that people mix the metal with everything and in every room but this might not be a smart choice. Using the right amount of metal at the house depends on several things – the size of the house, how much sunlight your house gets, and the age of the house. These are very significant when it comes to choosing the right home interior design.

So, you should be careful where to implement your metallic decor ideas. For example, if you have an old house and it gets moist all the time, you shouldn’t use metal pieces on your wall because bad weather and a moist wall can make the metal’s life cycle shortened.

After you learned all these important details, here are the rooms you can realize your metallic decor ideas: The kitchen is one of the most suitable places in a house to use metal materials. You can style your kitchen cabinets’ holders with copper and steel or you can use metal chairs to make it more industrial and luxurious.

Another place you can choose one of the metallic decor ideas is the balcony. If you mix the wood with metal like metal chairs and wooden tables on the balcony, you can soften the heavy metal look as well.

With this, you would be using a more summer-friendly summer design at your house. Or you can metal lightening systems on a white-colored wall and turn into your house not only industrial but also the Japandi and Scandinavian minimalistic styles.

Metal Decor Ideas

What Are The Most Commonly Used Metals for Home Decor?

Though metal products are being used in every part of manufacturing in the house architecture, the best metals are used in metal home decor are aluminum, steel (stainless and carbon), bronze, brass, alloys, iron, and gold.

As you already see on Pinterest and Instagram, copper is the most preferred metal for kitchen design accompanying by the iron cast holders for the pots. Stainless and carbon steel, on the other hand, are mostly preferred in gates, doorbells, tables and seating, stair handles, and ceiling surfaces.

Bronze is the second most used material and you can use it with the same purpose of using steel but using bronze in the sinks and other fixtures give the house a more nostalgic atmosphere so you should be clear whether you want a contemporary design or more old school. Brass was more fashionable in the 80s, which we start to see in luxury modern homes today.

Mixing brass with woods would make you feel like your house is in the countryside in Hamptons. So, it is one of the greatest metallic decor ideas for when you are decorating your summer house. Alloys and irons should be used in the cabinets and windows if you aim to make your house more Pinterestique and lightened.

For more, you could check our article for the usage of different metals in interior design.

Rustic Metal Wall Decor Ideas

But How to Use Metal as Decorative Art?

Okay, I Understood How I Can Use Metal at Home. But How to Use Metal as Decorative Art?

Metal art for the walls is the most essential part of a futuristic design. One of the key elements for this style is iron. Iron wall decor is something that can be harmonized with clocks, frames, and other accessories. The key element when choosing the right metal wall art product is to find something that reflects yourself and your metallic decor ideas. The object that will hang on your wall should innovative and impressive since it will be the first thing that your visitors see in your house. Therefore, you should choose the metal art pieces in the most visible parts of your house.

For example, if you have a big living room, hanging a huge art metal piece would be a smarter choice. With Trigou, you can find hundreds of artsy pieces with metal, especially metal wall clocks which are modest and aesthetic at the same time. They are durable and sustainable. You can use them in both your office and your house. Or you can choose art decors to minimize the emptiness of your wall with one simple piece.

Trigou products are designed by successful artists for you to attract a lot of attention. Because of Trigou’s metal wall art pieces, your family and friends will keep bombarding you with questions of where you got the decorative, ornamental, hardware pieces all the time! But, don’t you can also buy them as a gift to your loved ones so their homes can also be stylish as yours.


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