Top 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas That You Shouldn't Miss

Do you want to style your master bedroom by using bedroom wall decor ideas as if they came from the Architectural Digest? Well, who doesn't? Decorating your bedroom starts with applying the right bedroom wall decor ideas.

If your bedroom walls reflect your vision, you can have a stylish place. You can get lots of inspiration from bedroom wall decor ideas. But you need to know where to start first. Don't worry! Here are the tips for you to decorate a plain wall in a bedroom.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls?

Not knowing where to start can be a problem. But, you can begin choosing the theme. Some people design bedrooms with rustic, Scandinavian, and darker styles according to their bedroom wall decor ideas. Also, you need to know that if your room gets less sunlight, you need to style it with lighter and warmer color tones. So, you have to use lighter color shades in wallpapers and paints. Or you can hang a textile or a rug to lighten up your wall. After deciding the coloring, the next big thing is choosing the right pieces to hang on your wall.

Pieces That You Can Use On Your Wall

You can apply various pieces as bedroom wall decor above the bed. If your room is not spacious enough, you can build shelves to put your books and stuff so you can have much more space without using a drawer. But if you are one of those who only prefer hanging simple pieces, we got you too! Using a nostalgic map for your desired destination can be a great alternative to your bedroom wall decor ideas. Hanging a DIY frame can also create a stylish look on the walls as well. You can use the footprint of your kid or the work that you created.  Here our favorites for you!

Metal Wall Art Decor

Bedroom metal wall art can elevate your bedroom because today, it is so hip to apply industrial design in the house. If you prefer to have a grey and white bedroom, you should hang metal wall art pieces or metal frames on your wall. Using metal and grey above your bed will make your room look modern.

Metal Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Rustic Wall Art Decor

If you have a country house, you should add rustic style to your bedroom wall decor ideas. Rustic style is so versatile that you will feel like you are on a boat trip. Rustic style is also fashionable. It is on every blog as one of the top bedroom wall decor ideas. To match this style, you can use brown-colored wall pieces like chandeliers. You can use brown, grey, dark blue, and earthy colors to match this style.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Stonewall Art Decor

Stonewall art decor is preferred for honeymoon suits since stone is one of the top bedroom wall decor ideas. Stone is a material that is also a natural heat regulator. That is why stone should be on your bedroom wall decor ideas as well. You can use wooden frames or wooden shelves to design your bedroom wall. You can also use the stacked wood cabin concept by filling one column with woods.

DIY Wall Art Decor

As mentioned earlier, DIY is one of the most preferred styling alternatives for your wall. With DIY, you can make ornaments as macrame, create your photo gallery or even hang your hats. The list is endless with what you can do. It is cheap, modern, and something that truly reflects you. It is also easy to find the materials from any Home Depot or Target. You can get the inspiration for it from the Pinterest bedroom wall decor ideas. There are millions of photos that you can add to your board.

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Mirror Wall Art Decor

Hanging a mirror on your bedroom wall can be a classic choice but not a bad one. Hanging a mirror above your bed can make the room get much more sunlight. Also, it can make your wall narrower if you have a large wall. People used to hang a big mirror on the wall. That look is old-fashioned.

But now, you can play with new alternatives like you can buy a big mirror and split it into three pieces and hang them on your wall. Or you can use an antique mirror as well. Hence, the mirror has always been one of the most preferred choices for bedroom wall decor ideas.

Geometric Wall Art Decor

Geometric wall art is also part of DIY home decor. People usually paint their walls in geometric shapes by themselves. The geometric design is the essential decoration choice in kids' rooms. In this style, parents paint the walls with their kids. You can print out the design from the internet as well.

As for the accessories, you can apply geometric-shaped metal art pieces or geometric-shaped photos as well. 3D geometric wall art is also a great alternative if you want to have a futuristic design. That is why you might get inspiration from this as part of bedroom wall decor ideas.

Canvas Wall Art Decor

Canvas wall art is suitable for every budget, style choice. It should be on everybody's bedroom wall decor ideas. Canvas art goes well even with the zen decor. But you should know what type of frames you should use. If you want to design your bedroom wall in a minimalistic way, don't use split canvas. You can prefer framed canvas that will fit perfectly with your style.

Canvas Bedroom Walls

Where Can I Find A Piece For My Wall?

Don't worry! We are here to help you and there a great number of choices that you can have with Trigou. With Trigou, you can find anything you want from your bedroom wall decor ideas list. If you want to use an industrial and modern style, you can hang Trigou's "Lovers Decorative Wall Art" piece. Or, if you are a couple and design your bedroom more romantically, then, 3D Love Metal Decor is something you should hang on your wall and it is a great piece as part of the bedroom wall decor ideas.

Maybe, you are single and want to decorate your plain wall to lose the dullness, then, you can get the Black Eagle Wall Art piece. It doesn't matter if you are a couple, a single person, a parent, or a kid. Having a great style is something that you deserve and Trigou helps you to get that. In Trigou, there are hundreds of pieces that you can buy to get your dream house.


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